John Byrne biography

John Byrne (1950-) - Born in England and raised in Canada, Byrne's first pro comic book work appeared in the 1970s magazine Nightmare. He subsequently worked for Charlton Comics, where he drew text illustrations, covers and stories for different genres (E-man, Emergency, Doomsday +1, etc). Marvel soon gave him an opportunity to work on Iron Fist, Marvel Team-Up and other superhero titles. Beginning with X-men #108, Byrne joined writer Chris Claremont and helped the characters reach new heights of popularity. His success on the title subsequently led to runs on Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, Wonder Woman and more. Byrne's dynamic and widely appealing style was reminiscent of Jack Kirby, another artist who put storytelling at the forefront of his work. Read more on Wikipedia.

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