Strange Tales #98 - Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko art, Kirby / Ditko cover

Jack Kirby / Steve Ditko
Strange Tales v1 #98, 1962 - Challenged by an alien, Earth must produce a champion than can best him in any game or sport. If not, a full-on invasion occurs. Jack Kirby's cover scene is repurposed for the opening splash, but vastly improved. Subsequent pages are conservatively, yet dependably drawn. This story was later reprinted in >Where Monsters Dwell #38. In another tale, the owner of a bean company plans to undermine his main competitor. Aside from a full page splash, Steve Ditko mostly adheres to a repetitive six panel grid. The amount of detail varies from panel and panel, but overall his artwork just meets expectations. Other artists in this issue include Don Heck.
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Kirby cover pencils / Ditko inks = **
"A Fortune in Beans" Ditko story pencils and inks 5 pages = ****

"No Human Can Beat Me" Kirby story pencils (Paul Reinman inks) 7 pages = ***

Steve Ditko
Jack Kirby
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