Tales to Astonish #10 - Jack Kirby art & cover, Steve Ditko art, Kirby / Ditko cover

Jack Kirby / Steve Ditko
Tales to Astonish v1 #10, 1960 - A colossal crab emerges from the ocean depths, wreaking havoc in its path. Jack Kirby's artwork meets expectations, though the creature's design is more straightforward than usual. He does a better job conveying its massive scale, relative to its surroundings (this story was later reprinted in Tower of Shadows #7). Oddly enough, Titano appears much different on the cover. Kirby's second story, of an old scientist's creation of a youth serum, is bolder and more menacing. Steve Ditko not only supplies the cover inks, but also illustrates the tale of an astronaut who makes the ultimate sacrifice. Each page is superbly crafted. Each panel is finely detailed, bringing richness and dimension to the scenes. This effort is among Ditko's best science fiction tales for Atlas.
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Kirby cover pencils / Ditko inks = ***
"I Was Trapped By Titano the Monster That Time Forgot" Kirby story pencils (Joe Sinnott inks) 7 pages = ***
"Something Lurks Outside" Ditko story pencils and inks 5 pages = *****

Jack Kirby
Steve Ditko
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