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House of Mystery #183 - Neal Adams cover, Bernie Wrightson, Wally Wood art

Neal Adams
House of Mystery v1 #183, 1969 - During the seafaring age, two brothers on the same ship revel in killing whales for profit. Jerry Grandenetti's harsh, expressionistic style is laid bare in his first tale, but his second is more palatable, thanks to Wally Wood's inks. Bernie Wrightson's story (later reprinted in House of Mystery #229) covers the mysterious disappearance of an Australian mogul within a network of underground caves. At three pages, the work is is all too brief but competently drawn (see interior page below). Lastly, Neal Adams' whaling-themed cover achieves a ghostly effect by layering a monochromatic drawing. This is number 9 of 26 House of Mystery issues with Adams art and/or covers, number 2 of 7 House of Mystery issues with Wood art and/or covers and number 4 of 27 House of Mystery issues with Wrightson art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Adams, Wrightson, Wood, or House of Mystery issues. See also this blog's Adams checklist, Top 10 Adams comicsWrightson checklist, Top 10 Wrightson comics or Wood checklist.
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Adams cover pencils and inks = ***
"The Dead Can Kill" Wrightson story pencils and inks 3 pages = ***
"Secrets of the Whale's Vengeance" Wood story inks
(Jerry Grandenetti pencils) 12 pages = ***
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Wally Wood

Bernie Wrightson
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