Friday, December 2, 2016

Queen of the West Dale Evans #3 - non-attributed Russ Manning art, mis-attributed Alex Toth art

Queen of the West Dale Evans v1 #3, 1955 - While teaching at a school for girls, Dale hears of a theft and proceeds to investigate. Russ Manning illustrates the first tale of his lengthy run on the series. Like much of his early work, the drawings are finely detailed but vary in degree of skill. His clean yet varied layouts make up for most of it, including an emphasis on settings and backgrounds. Comic book guides wrongly state this issue has Alex Toth (it doesn't), but also fail to give Manning his due. This is number 1 of 15 Queen of the West Dale Evans issues with Manning art and/or covers.
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"Dale Evans and the Ring of Guilt" Manning story pencils and inks 16 pages (including back cover and black and white inside back cover) = **

Queen of the West Dale Evans #3 - Russ Manning silver age comic book page
Russ Manning
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