Flash Spectacular / DC Special Series #11 - Wally Wood art

DC Special Series #11
Flash Spectacular / DC Special Series v1 #11, 1978 - This Flash spectacular contains an original book-length tale, divided into chapters and drawn by different artists. The Kid Flash segment stands out due to Wally Wood's terrific inks. His opening splash depicts the young hero at the moment before his secret identity is compromised. A panel of Wally West's mother on page 2 repeats itself on the last page with slight variations. Wood uses the technique to show how the story circles back to the first scene. Other artists in this DC bronze age superhero comic include Alex Saviuk, Murphy Anderson, Irv Novick, Joe Geilla and Kurt Shaffenberger. Cover by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. This is number 1 of 1 DC Special Series issues with Wood art and/or covers. Find >this issue or more >Wood, >Flash or >DC Special Series issues on ebay.
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"Beyond the Super Speed Barrier part one" Wood story inks (Jose Garcia Lopez pencils) 11 pages = ***

Flash Spectacular / DC Special Series #11 - Wally Wood comic book page
Wally Wood
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