Weird Science-Fantasy #23 - Wally Wood art & cover, Al Williamson art

Weird Science-Fantasy v1 #23 ec comic book cover art by Wally Wood
Wally Wood
Weird Science-Fantasy v1 #23, 1954 - Colonists from Earth begin anew on a distant planet. As the population grows, their newfound government decides to sequester all children from birth. The theme of parental and biological needs runs deep in this Wally Wood story. The artist pays special attention to lighting and background details. Advanced technologies and alien landscape are portrayed with equal enthusiasm. As usual, his characters are physically fit and attractive. Wood's serene and haunting cover corresponds to a separate tale by Al Williamson. In "Fish Story", a rocket ship lands on an oceanic planet. Their alien residents soon commandeer the craft in a return trip to Earth. Williamson's fluid style works perfectly with the underwater settings, which are beautifully and intricately drawn. These stories were later reprinted in Weird Science-Fantasy v3 #1. Other artists in this issue include Joe Orlando and Bernard Krigstein. This is number 1 of 5 Weird Science-Fantasy issues with Williamson art and/or covers and number 1 of 7 Weird Science-Fantasy issues with Wood art and/or covers.
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Wood cover pencils and inks = ****
"The Children" Wood story pencils and inks 8 pages = ***
"Fish Story" Williamson story pencils and inks 7 pages = ***

Al Williamson
Wally Wood
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