Savage Sword of Conan #29 - non-attributed Neal Adams, John Byrne art

Savage Sword of Conan v1 #29, 1978 - Accompanying the main Conan feature, a handful of single page portraits by Bruce Patterson help fill in the remainder of the issue. One stands out above the rest: a Red Sonja page superbly finished by Neal Adams. John Byrne also contributes a splash of Solomon Kane fending off a demon. The style suggests a fairly early work, finally seeing publication for the first time. Neither work is attributed in some comic book price guides. Other artists in this issue include John Buscema, Gil Kane, Ralph Reese and Russ Heath. This is number 4 of 6 Savage Sword of Conan issues with Adams art and/or covers (not including reprints) and number 2 of 2 Savage Sword of Conan issues with Byrne art and/or covers. Find >this issue or more >Adams, >Byrne or >Savage Sword of Conan issues on ebay.
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"Red Sonja" Adams pin-up inks (Bruce Patterson pencils) 1 page (black and white) = ***
Byrne pin-up pencils (Duffy Voland inks) 1 page (black and white) = **

John Byrne
Neal Adams
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