House of Mystery #252 - Neal Adams cover, Alex Nino art

Neal Adams
House of Mystery v1 #252, 1977 - Monstrous and symmetrical, this Neal Adams cover is an outstanding example of his late bronze age work. The layout directs the reader's view from the creature to the man to the pulsating eye on the desk. Alex Nino illustrates the tale of an old woman who exhumes her long-dead fiancee. The artist's dark and disturbing style is well suited to the story. Most exceptional is his opening splash of the old woman at graveside. Overgrown grasses and near-barren trees contribute to a stunningly composed, yet painfully tragic scene. Other artists in this issue include Jack Abel, John Calnan, Don Perlin, Romeo Tanghal, Bill Draut, Rudy Florese and Alfredo Alcala. This is number 24 of 26 House of Mystery issues with Adams art and/or covers and number 9 of 14 House of Mystery issues with Nino art and/or covers.
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Adams cover pencils and inks = ***
From Beyond the Grave" Nino story pencils and inks 9 pages = ****

Alex Nino
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