Quick-Trigger Western #13 - Al Williamson art, non-attributed Matt Baker art

Quick-Trigger Western v1 #13, 1956 - A stagecoach robbery goes awry, forcing the thief to escape via disguise. Al Williamson's bold opening splash sets the tone, drawn in almost painterly detail (see interior page shown below). His approach becomes a tad less effective on subsequent pages, as certain panels lose clarity. Matt Baker's story about two very different brothers is less dramatic, but equally enjoyable. His splash of a bucking horse cleverly leads the eye from background to foreground to inset panel. Though not attributed by comic book guides, Baker performs admirably. Both Williamson and Baker tales were later reprinted in Western Gunfighters v2 #2. Other artists in this issue include Gene Colan and Joe Maneely. Cover by John Severin. This is number 1 of 2 Quick-Trigger Western issues with Williamson art and/or covers and number 2 of 3 Quick-Trigger Western issues with Baker art and/or covers. This issue is also included in this Baker gallery. Find >this issue or more >Baker, >Williamson or >Quick-Trigger Western issues on ebay.
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"Outlaw's Hideout" Williamson story pencils and inks 5 pages = ***
"The Wild One" Baker story pencils and inks 5 pages = ***

Matt Baker
Al Williamson
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