John Carter Warlord of Mars #25 - Frank Miller cover

Frank Miller
John Carter Warlord of Mars v1 #25, 1979 - A building goes down in flames around John Carter on this second of Frank Miller covers. The overall stiffness of the layout is further compounded by the rather uninspiring rendition of flames. Additionally, Rudy Nebres' inks overwhelm the pencils, making the art indistinguishable from most of the covers on the series. Miller's earlier John Carter story is far better and frankly more representative of his talents. This is number 2 of 3 John Carter Warlord of Mars issues with Miller art and/or covers.
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Miller cover pencils (Rudy Nebres inks) = *

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  1. yeah, fair point, but bear in mind, as Miller admits, Klaus Janson saved his pencils a lot on DD, so Nebres was doing much the same thing here.
    Also, it was Marvel's policy to keep the same inker on a book almost regardless of the penciller, to keep it looking smooth. But yeah, it is an average cover.

  2. ...Especially when he did so many fine covers at the time. Daredevil and Spectacular Spider-man immediately come to mind.