X-Men #135 - John Byrne art & cover

X-men v1 #135 marvel comic book cover art by John Byrne
John Byrne
X-Men v1 #135, 1980 - Jean Grey realizes her mutant power's full potential, transforming into the Dark Phoenix. After defeating the X-men, she travels to a far flung galaxy to consume a star, committing planetary genocide in the process. John Byrne effectively depicts the character as all-powerful and corrupt, almost to the point of madness. Along with his crisply drawn pages, the radiating typography on the opening splash suggests a limitless energy. Interestingly, Byrne pays homage to Neal Adams by borrowing his cover idea from X-Men #56. This is number 27 of 35 X-men issues with Byrne art and/or covers. Find >this issue or more >Byrne or >X-men issues on ebay.
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Byrne cover
pencils (Terry Austin inks) = ***
"Dark Phoenix" Byrne story
pencils (Terry Austin inks) 17 pages = ***

X-men v1 #135 marvel comic book page art by John Byrne
John Byrne
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