Metal Men #51 - Walt Simonson cover

Metal Men v1 #51 dc 1970s bronze age comic book cover art by Walt Simonson
Walt Simonson
Metal Men v1 #51, 1977 - Walt Simonson's busy cover fills every available space, forcing the text to be placed in less than ideal areas. The artist manages to fit in the entire team of five members, their creator Doc Magnus and the antagonist Vox the Bionic Bandit. As crowded as it is, Simonson still maintains depth through a clear hierarchy of elements. Other artists in this issue include Joe Staton. This is number 7 of 8 Metal Men issues with Simonson art and/or covers. This issue is also included in this Simonson gallery. Find >this issue or more >Simonson or >Metal Men issues on ebay.
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