Detective Comics #490 - Don Newton art

Detective Comics v1 #4901980 - At an important meeting on global peace, the Sensei intervenes to disrupt the talks at any cost. Can the Batman save the participants before the venue explodes? Don Newton displays an enthusiasm throughout his seventeen pages, aided by Dan Adkin's terrific inks. Some of the figure drawings are oddly contorted, but the dramatic lighting and modeling make up for it. In total, Newton's work is engaging and memorable. Ras Al Ghul and Talia make guest appearances. Other artists in this issue include George Tuska, John Calnan and Pat Broderick. Cover by Ross Andru and Dick Giordano. This is number 10 of 39 Detective Comics issues with Newton art and/or covers.
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"Requiem for a Martyr" Newton story pencils (Dan Adkins inks) 17 pages = ***

Don Newton
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