Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Detective Comics #410 - Neal Adams art & cover

Neal Adams
Detective Comics v1 #410, 1971 - The pursuit of a murderer leads Batman to a troupe of circus freaks, where one of their own is suddenly killed. Neal Adams begins with an impressive splash page, depicting the Batman and his quarry crossing a precipitous bridge. The artist takes extra care with the unusual cast of characters. From the fat lady to the flippered seal boy, faces are drawn with empathy and humanity. The best panels occur toward the end, as the Batman must make a decision between his life and an innocent's. This is Adams' last story art on the series, ending his splendid run. This story was later reprinted in Limited Collectors Edition #C-59.
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Adams cover pencils (Dick Giordano inks) = ***
"A Vow From The Grave" Adams story pencils (Dick Giordano inks) 15 pages = ***

Neal Adams
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