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Gorgo #3 - Steve Ditko art & cover

Gorgo v1 #3 charlton monster comic book cover art by Steve Ditko
Steve Ditko
Gorgo v1 #3, 1961 - Perfecting his control of Gorgo, a Latin dictator named Astro (a reference to Fidel Casto) commands him to destroy all countries who oppose him. Most of Steve Ditko's artwork is merely adequate, but he seems to put the most effort into the faces of various characters. Along with a quiet, underwater sequence (page 4), the artist's high point is the electrifying cover. Gorgo's illuminating glow and the clear sense of scale make this among Ditko's better efforts on the series. Other artists in this issue include Bill Molno and Vince Alascia. This is number 3 of 9 Gorgo issues with Ditko art and/or covers.
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Ditko cover pencils and inks = ***
"The Return of Gorgo" Ditko story pencils and inks 20 pages = ***

Gorgo v1 #3 charlton monster comic book page art by Steve Ditko
Steve Ditko
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