Detective Comics #476 - Marshall Rogers art & cover

Detective Comics v1 #476 dc comic book cover art by Marshall Rogers
Marshall Rogers
Detective Comics v1 #476 featuring Batman, 1978 - The Joker continues his killing spree, insistent on copyrighting the world's fish supply that now bears his demonic face. A minimal yet effective Marshall Rogers cover sets the tone. From top to bottom, the Batman's cape widens to reveal not only the Joker's victims, but the story title as well. Inside, deftly sequenced panels reside within perfectly designed layouts. Rogers' employs many visual devices to enhance storytelling, such as the dripping panel border on the opening rain-soaked scene. Near the story's end, the clash between Batman and the Joker opens up to a stunning climax (see interior page below). Due to this and other scenes, the Joker-fish story is regarded as one of Rogers' finest works. This story was first reprinted in Shadow of the Batman #4. This is number 9 of 13 Detective Comics issues with Rogers art and/or covers.
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Rogers cover pencils (Terry Austin inks) = ****
"The Sign Of The Joker"
Rogers story pencils (Terry Austin inks) 17 pages = *****

Detective Comics v1 #476 dc comic book page art by Marshall Rogers
Marshall Rogers
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  1. the fun factoid here: the three guys on the ground below the Batman on the cover are Roger, englehart and Austin.

    Also, you list the cover credits as being rogers pencils and inks when it is rogers and austin on the cover and the interior.

  2. That's funny. Thanks for the info on the cover. You're right about the credits as well, and have corrected them.