Adventures of the Fly #4 - Neal Adams art, mis-attributed Jack Kirby cover

Adventures of the Fly v1 #4 1960 - Overall a lackluster issue artistically, there are questions as to who drew what depending on the source. The Overstreet Comic Book Guide credits the cover to Jack Kirby, but loks more likely to be Joe Simon. A 1998 checklist also lists Kirby pencils on "Muggsy's Masterpieces" but Overstreet disputes this. More likely the artist provided layouts, culminating in the terrific spread on pages 6-7. Neal Adams supposedly drew the bottom panel on the first page of "Muggsy's Masterpieces" but I have my doubts. Feel free to share your own opinions. This is number 1 of 1 Adventures of the Fly issues with Adams art and/or covers.
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"Muggsy's Masterpieces" Adams partial story pencils? 1 panel = *

Neal Adams
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  1. What consensus? No offense, But I'm pretty sure Kirby had nothing to do with that issue.

    His partnership with Simon had been broken up for several years but when Joe was contracted to do the Fly and the Shield for Archie in 1959,he called on his old friend to help him jump start the project. Kirby work appears in issue 1 and a bit in issue 2 but Jack was busy with his SKY MASTERS newspaper strip and soon returned to Marvel putting him where he needed to be to co-create the Marvel Universe with Stan.

    Simon continued for a couple of more issues and most likely did the cover here. And yes, Adams has long claimed to have done at least part of that art in MUGGSY's so it's probably true but no one would know it.

    Along with Kirby, Simon had also recruited Jack Davis, George Tuska and others to work on the Fly but none of the art in this issue appears to be by them, either.This was Joe's last issue also and the whole concept was given a reboot with issue 5 with the young Tommy Troy now an adult TOM Troy. Eventually John Rosenberger would settle in as the regular artist of a long series of bland but mildly entertaining adventures.

    Then came Jerry Siegel but THAT is another story entirely!

  2. Overstreet and a few other guides lists this issue as having a Simon and Kirby cover. The 1998 Jack Kirby Checklist confirms this and even credits him with pencilling the aforementioned story. Like yourself, I still find it hard to believe. Thanks for providing additional insight.

  3. I have the issue. Kirby definitely pencilled JUST the two page spread in Muggsy's Masterpieces (the rest is likely Joe Simon), and Adams did, indeed, do one panel (but not from the page you posted, though...that's from a different story).

    Ty Templeton

  4. I have the issue, there's no question that Kirby drew a double page spread in the middle of the story (I suspect it was production art that they built the story around later!). The panel that Neal Adams' drew is from the same story, and it's clearly Neal. The page you've shown that supposedly contains Neal's panel is incorrect, Neal's panel is from the Muggsy's Masterpieces story as well, on a page that also re-uses the Kirby art from the double page spread as part of the Splash Panel. So clearly that first page was cobbled together from art lying around the office.
    Ty the Guy Templeton