Avengers #95 - Neal Adams art

Avengers v1 #95 marvel comic book cover art
Avengers v1 #95, 1972 - The amphibious Triton arrives at Avengers mansion, seeking their help in finding the Inhumans' missing monarch. Picking up from events in Amazing Adventures #5-8 , the story weaves into the third installment of the Kree-Skrull saga. Neal Adams' artwork employs more numerous panels, but largely meets expectations. Among the best drawn pages are the opening splash and the Vision's near confrontation with Iron Man (see interior page below). Equally compelling is Black Bolt's flashback sequences (pages 12-14), told in monochromatic hues for further distinction. This story was later reprinted in Kree-Skrull War #2. Other artists in this issue include John Buscema and Tom Palmer (cover). This is number 4 of 5 Avengers issues with Adams art and/or covers.
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"Something Inhuman This Way Comes" Adams story pencils (Tom Palmer inks) 21 pages = ***

Avengers v1 #95 marvel comic book page art by Neal Adams
Neal Adams
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