Swamp Thing #20 - non-attributed Nestor Redondo art

Swamp Thing v1 #20 1970s bronze age dc comic book cover art by Nestor Redondo
Swamp Thing v1 #20, 1976 - Deep in the Florida Everglades, the Swamp Thing battles his doppleganger in a final confrontation. Nestor Redondo opens with a beautiful splash page, depicting the legendary fountain of youth and its indian caretaker. His deft brushwork appears throughout the story, but stands out in the handful of larger panels. Some comic book guides have failed to attribute this issue to Redondo. Other artists in this issue include Ernie Chua (cover). This is number 10 of 13 Swamp Thing issues with Redondo art and/or covers.
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"The Mirror Monster" Redondo story pencils and inks 18 pages = ***

Swamp Thing v1 #20 1970s bronze age dc comic book page art by Nestor Redondo
Nestor Redondo
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