The Unexpected #194 - non-attributed Nestor Redondo art

The Unexpected v1 #194, 1979 - This three-in-one horror issue begins with a tale of a gold-digger intent on finding a rich husband. Artist Nestor Redondo (not attributed in comic book guides) delivers a merely adequate effort. His handiwork is evident on the first three pages, but becomes less recognizable from there. It becomes clearer that some of the pencils and most of the inks are executed by less polished professionals. Redondo Studios employed many young artists at the time, and it seems likely they contributed here. Other artists in this issue include Rubeny, Noly Zamora, Tenny Henson, Jess Joldoman and Luis Domingez (cover). This is number 6 of 7 Unexpected issues with Redondo art and/or covers.
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"Have I Got a Ghoul for You" Redondo story pencils (inks by assistants) 5 pages = **

Nestor Redondo
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