Korak Son of Tarzan #7 - Russ Manning art

Korak Son of Tarzan v1 #7, 1965 - The first full-length tale of the series, Korak aids a nomadic Tuareg in finding his kidnapped sister. Russ Manning begins with a lushly detailed splash page, framed by a variety of native foliage. From there, the artist fills the pages with drawings of astute clarity and masterful pacing. Several key scenes are further dramatized by large, spacious panels, perfectly balanced and composed. This extraordinary effort is not only Manning's& finest of the series, but among his best works of the silver age. This is number 7 of 12 Korak issues with Manning art and/or covers.
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"Challenge of the Avengers" Manning story pencils and inks 27 pages = *****

Korak Son of Tarzan v1 #7 gold key silver age 1960s comic book page art by Russ Manning
Russ Manning
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