Detective Comics #478 - Marshall Rogers art & cover

Detective Comics v1 #478 dc comic book cover art by Marshall Rogers
Marshall Rogers
Detective Comics v1 #478 featuring Batman, 1978 - A scientist whose experiment goes awry becomes the Clayface III, a bronze age iteration of the popular villain. The opening splash is a worm's eye view of a theft-in-progress, as the Batman descends upon the perpetrators. A higher degree of craftsmanship appears in Marshall Rogers' layouts and sequencing. Page four's multiple panels within a panel (see interior page below) is particularly effective, slowing the pace to a crawl. Other techniques, such as the medical diagnosis shared by a succession of doctors (page 12), are examples of Rogers at his very best. The drawings themselves are superlative, due to the fine details maintained by inker Dick Giordano. This story was first reprinted in Shadow of the Batman #5. This is number 11 of 13 Detective Comics issues with Rogers art and/or covers.
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Rogers cover pencils (Dick Giordano inks) = ***
"Clayface Is Back!"
Rogers story pencils (Dick Giordano inks) 17 pages = *****

Detective Comics v1 #478 dc comic book page art by Marshall Rogers
Marshall Rogers
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