Tex Dawson, Gun-slinger #1 - Jim Steranko cover, Al Williamson reprint

Tex Dawson Gun-slinger v1 #1 marvel 1970s bronze age comic book cover art by Jim Steranko
Jim Steranko
Tex Dawson, Gun-slinger v1 #1, 1973 - Outnumbered and surrounded, the hero stands defiant with smoking pistols in hand. This Jim Steranko cover illustration is well-designed, despite being confined by the title's masthead. A nice touch is the close-up of a would-be killer's hand, placed in the immediate foreground. Darker and more heavily inked hand, it adds depth and context to the scene. The issue also includes an Al Williamson reprint from Western Kid #9. Other artists in this issue include John Romita and George Tuska. This is number 1 of 1 Tex Dawson issues with Steranko art and/or covers.
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Steranko cover pencils and inks = ***

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  1. That's amazing! I've never heard about this book never mind the Steranko cover! Some day I'd like to get a complete Steranko library. what ever happened to him anyway? Where did he go after leaving Marvel?

  2. He's still alive and well. Google his name to see more of his work.