Jim Steranko biography

Jim Steranko (1938-) Born in Reading, Pennsylvania, Steranko an escape artist, stage magician, advertising art director and guitarist for a rock n' roll band before delving into comics. His first published work appeared in Spyman #1 for Harvey Comics. By the late 1960s, he took over the Nick Fury feature in Marvel's Strange Tales. Steranko was a bold experimenter, infusing Surrealism, Pop Art, Op Art and montage effects into his stories. He combined a dynamic drawing style with carefully composed layouts and panel sequences. This culminated in his breathtaking work in both Nick Fury and Captain America titles. While his time in comics was relatively brief, Steranko is regarded as one of the great innovators. Read more on Wikipedia.

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B Smith said...

Holy transposition....1983? I think you meant 1938 :-)

Smurfswacker said...

Numbers got reversed...should be 1938 rather than 1983

Ted Ignacio said...

Holy transposition indeed! Corrected it. Thanks to both for pointing this out.