Detective Comics #425 - Bernie Wrightson cover

Detective Comics #425 dc Batman comic book cover art by Bernie Wrightson
Bernie Wrightson
Detective Comics v1 #425, 1972 - Bernie Wrightson’s cover combines the horror and superhero genres, a common occurrence on bronze age issues. Drawn in the artist's uniquely eerie style, Batman tries to stop a demonic carriage and driver. Unfortunately, the overall layout is overcrowded with text. Still, the artwork alone is entertaining. Wrightson would soon draw the Batman again in Swamp Thing #7. Other artists in this issue include Irv Novick and Dick Giordano. This is number 1 of 2 Detective Comics with Wrightson art and/or covers.
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Wrightson cover pencils and inks = ***

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  1. I feel that this cover hasn't gotten the recognition it deserves, and yeah, all the wording distracts from Bernie's art, but it is one of my favorites by him. The fact that I've always loved green covers doesn't hurt either, ha ha!

  2. So many great Batman/Detective covers from that summer, and this one is right up there with the Adams/Wrightson cover for Batman 241 and the Kaluta cover for Batman 242.

  3. I agree this is an often-overlooked cover. I love the yellow coloring in the ghoul/zombie/monster's mouth and the horse's mouth, it really makes them look unearthly.