Captain America #110 - Jim Steranko art & cover

Captain America v1 #110 marvel comic book cover art by Jim Steranko
Jim Steranko
Captain America v1 #110, 1969: The first of three issues by Jim Steranko, he employs fine art, film and design techniques never seen before in comics. On the cover, the Hulk is drawn as a destructive force. His enraged eyes peer out through a partially shadowed face. The proportions of Rick Jones' figure seem smaller than actual perspective, but accentuates the man-monster's scale. Steranko's story pacing varies widely from pensive sequences to frenetic fight scenes. The center spread is an action-packed panorama, comprised of Captain America, Rick and the hordes of Hydra. With this issue, Steranko proves himself worthy of following Jack Kirby's run on the title. This story was later reprinted in Captain America Special Edition #1 and Marvel Super Action v2 #12. This is number 1 of 3 Captain America issues with Steranko art and/or covers.
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Steranko cover pencils and inks = *****
“No Longer Alone!”
Steranko story pencils (Joe Sinnott inks) 20 pages = *****

Captain America v1 #110 marvel comic book page art by Jim Steranko
Jim Steranko
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