Captain America special edition #1 - Jim Steranko cover reprint & reprints

Captain America special edition v1 #1, 1980 - Marvel publishes some of Jim Steranko's finest work from the silver age. Slightly thicker, higher quality paper and better printing account for higher cover price. The colors have been enhanced as well, but I personally still prefer the originals. This issue reprints Captain America #110, Captain America #111 and Tower of Shadows #1.

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  1. Steranko himself did the color choices on the original comics.

  2. there is also a hardback collection that surfaced before this, with just the three Cap stories. They used the older color guides, but the newer (at taht time) flexo printing, which is catagorically awful, with moire dots everywhere. but still, steranko black plates on nice crisp white paper.