Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #207 - Carl Barks art

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #207
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories v1 #207, 1957 - Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge compete in a miner's competition to win a uranium mine. The only problem? Gladstone Gander is competing as well. Carl Barks thinks of several brilliant scenes where Gladstone's legendary luck comes into play. The drawings capture the characters' intentions and emotions with ease. Note the interior page below, where Donald and Scrooge show a shared hatred of Gladstone with nearly identical stances and expressions. This story was later reprinted in >Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #379. Barks' ventriloquist-themed cover also meets expectations. Other artists in this Dell golden age humor comic include Paul Murry. This is number 167 of 280 Walt Disney's Comics and Stories issues with Barks art and/or covers (not including reprints). Find >this issue or more >Barks or >Walt Disney's Comics and Stories issues on ebay.
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Untitled mining contest story Barks pencils and inks 10 pages = ****

Carl Barks
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