The Mask of Dr. Fu Manchu - Wally Wood art and cover

Wally Wood
The Mask of Dr. Fu Manchu, 1951 - Created by writer Sax Rohmer almost two decades earlier, this Chinese criminal mastermind makes his debut in comics. This one-shot issue showcases the artistic potential of a young Wally Wood. With the exception of the title page, this lengthy story is rife with small panels, often crowded with dialogue. Regardless, the artist demonstrates a knack for finely detailed faces and backgrounds. His inside front cover is devoid of color but rich in black and grey tones (see interior page below). Wood's cover is equally impressive, with its carefully composed elements and atmospheric portrait of Fu Manchu. Not surprisingly, it evokes some of the cinematic posters from that same era. This story was later reprinted in Dr. Fu Manchu. This is number 1 of 1 Mask of Dr. Fu Manchu issues with Wood art and/or covers.
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Wood cover pencils and inks = ****
Wood story pencils and inks 25 pages = ***
Wood inside front cover pencils and inks (black and white) = ****

Wally Wood
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