Strange Adventures #19 - Alex Toth art

Strange Adventures v1 #19, 1952 - A powerful ray from space suddenly cuts huge canals onto Earth’s surface. A team of scientists travel to its source on the moon, equipped with an army and a slew of atomic missiles. Alex Toth and Sy Barry deliver a work full of effort and complexity. Intricate patterns and textures occur in many panels (note the flatiron building on the opening scene). Toth’s page layouts are also more recognizable. Still, his pencils are generally upstaged by the inks, which are too aggressive and sharply defined. Other artists in this issue include Murphy Anderson and John Giunta. This is number 7 of 7 Strange Adventures issues with Toth art and/or covers. 
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"The Canals of Earth" Toth
story pencils (Sy Barry inks) 6 pages = **

Alex Toth
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