Thursday, July 10, 2014

Eerie v3 #25 - Jim Steranko cover

Eerie magazine #25, 1970 - Jim Steranko cover art
Jim Steranko
Eerie v3 #25, 1970 - A woman in white glides through the mist, her dress stands out against a darkened ancient tree. Its branches reach out menacingly toward the red-cloaked figure while filling the background. This haunting cover by Jim Steranko is his only work on the series. The layout is deceptively simple, yet only heightens the mystery. Other artists in this issue include Ernie Colon, Bill Black, Bill Fraccio, Tony Tallarico, Gene Colan, Tom Sutton, Mike Royer, David Hubb, Jerry Grandenetti, Joe Orlando and William Barry. This is number 1 of 1 Eerie issues with Steranko art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Steranko or Eerie issues. See also this blog's Steranko checklist or Top 10 Steranko comics.
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Steranko cover painting = ***
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