Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Eerie v3 #40 - Mike Ploog art

Eerie v3 #40, 1972 - Attending a dinner party, the real Dr. Frankenstein elaborates on events that were not included in Mary Shelley's book. Mike Ploog's story art comes alive in all its grisly glory. In the opening scene, the monster's eyes stare blankly toward the reader as the story begins. Pages and panels are meticulously detailed throughout. Ploog's renditions benefit from his skillful contrasts of light and darkness. Other artists in this issue include Manuel Sanjulian, Jaime Brocal, Esteban Maroto, Sanho Kim and Rafael Auraleon. This is number 2 of 2 Eerie issues with Ploog art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Ploog or Eerie issues. See also this blog's Ploog checklist or Top 10 Ploog comics.
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"The Brain of Frankenstein" Ploog story pencils and inks 10 pages = ****
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Mike Ploog
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