Star-Lord special edition #1 - John Byrne reprint

Star-Lord special edition v1 #1, 1982 - First published in Marvel Preview #11, John Byrne's masterpiece is reprinted for the first time. Told in flashback, Michael Golden provides several new framing pages toward the beginning and end. Byrne's drawings still retain their appeal despite the size reduction from the original magazine-sized format. The addition of color has the biggest impact of all, fully fleshing out the main characters and alien landscapes. The only flaw? The omission of Byrne's brilliant opening splash. Rounding out the issue is a Dr. Who reprint from a Marvel UK publication. Other artists in this issue include Dave Gibbons and Terry Austin (cover). Find >this issue or more >Byrne or >Star Lord issues on ebay.
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"Starlord" Byrne story pencils (Terry Austin inks) 31 pages (first time in color) = ****

John Byrne
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