Elektra Lives Again graphic novel #nn - Frank Miller art & cover

Frank Miller
Elektra Lives Again graphic novel #nn (no number), 1990 - Several years after Frank Miller's tremendous run on Daredevil, the artist/writer returns to feature Elektra in her own graphic novel. Continuing from events in Daredevil #190, the female assassin is resurrected to thwart the deadly ninja organization known as The Hand. This ambitious hardcover format has a high level of sophistication, much of it due to Miller's (and colorist Lynn Varley's) painterly approach to the illustrations. While his drawings veer toward the mildly distorted form of expressionism, his page designs and pacing are visually phenomenal. The story boasts six full splash pages and a double page spread, yet other stunning examples abound. The psychologically charged "floating jail cell" on pages 48-49 and the implied spirituality of the stained glass background on page 16 are two that come immediately to mind. While Miller's artwork on the cover takes up little space, it works perfectly in tandem with the Greek-like typography and it's subtle cross configuration. 
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Miller cover pencils and inks = ***
"Elektra Lives Again" Miller story pencils and inks 75 pages = ***
Miller endpapers pencils and inks = ***

Elektra Lives Again - Frank Miller marvel graphic novel comic book page art
Frank Miller
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Elektra Lives Again graphic novel #nn - Frank Miller art & cover Elektra Lives Again graphic novel #nn - Frank Miller art & cover Reviewed by Ted F on 2:16 PM Rating: 5


B Smith said...

Did this sell well? I recall a year or two after it came out going into a comic shop and seeing boxes of them in the corner, with a sign indicating copies were $5 a pop.

Ted Ignacio @ Pencil Ink said...

I believe the 1st edition did, mostly due to Miller's name. It wouldn't surprise me, however, if it was over-produced.

Abstract Figure said...

This comic is GREAT! ...but it's the ONE Miller DD/Elektra comic they haven't reprinted and collected multiple times.
I wondered if it was because it was from Epic?

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