Journey Into Unknown Worlds #45 - Al Williamson, Steve Ditko art

Journey Into Unknown Worlds v1 #45, 1957 - Are there civilizations living at the bottom of the ocean? Al Williamson opens with a serene image of a sailboat on the open sea. Despite the tranquility, this and other panels could have benefited from additional details. In general, the artist does merely an adequate job with the illustrations. Steve Ditko's tale of a flying saucer sighting shows more effort and distinctiveness. His close-ups of the UFO (see interior page below) have an appealing geometry. Ditko mostly inked his own work, but the sharpness and clarity of this work makes me wonder. Other artists in this issue include John Forte, Robert McCarty, George Roussos, Ed Winiarski and Sol Brodsky (cover). This is number 1 of 3 Journey Into Unknown Worlds issues with Williamson art and/or covers and number 1 of 2 Journey Into Unknown Worlds issues with Ditko art and/or covers.
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"The World Beneath the Sea" Williamson story pencils (Gray Morrow? inks) 4 pages = ***
"The Night Visitor" Ditko story pencils (and inks?) 4 pages = ***

Al Williamson
Steve Ditko
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