E-Man #6 - John Byrne art

E-Man v1 #6, 1975 - One of John Byrne's earliest creations, Rog 2000 debuted in a comic fanzine before graduating to this back-up series. A humorous take on robotic superhero characters, the artist himself appears in the story, confronted by his own creation. Byrne's early artistic attempt is glaringly unpolished but well meaning. This story was later reprinted in Rog 2000. Joe Staton draws the cover art and main feature. This is number 1 of 4 E-man issues with Byrne art and/or covers. Find >this issue or more >Byrne or >E-Man issues on ebay.
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"That Was No Lady" Byrne story pencils and inks 8 pages = **

John Byrne
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Rip Jagger said...

This was my first issue of E-Man, my first experience with the Nicola Cuti and Joe Staton team on the lead, and my first John Byrne experience on the back up. It's a great single issue of a comic, still my favorite of the run.

The humor got a bit broader in some issues, and the action and adventure got more emphasis in others, but this issue I think had the perfect balance we associate with the E-Man character.

Rip Off

Richard Williams said...

I've recently just acquired a copy of this comic myself and I thought it was quite humourous on both strips. However, The E-Man strip was the highlight for me and its my first taste of this unusual character!

Richard Williams said...

This was my 1st issue of E-Man aswel, I recently snapped it up for next to nothing on ebay.
I'm glad I did as its a great read, full of good humour and very decent art!
I'd always wondered what this unusual character was all about, well now I know - classic stuff!