Fantastic Worlds #5 - Alex Toth art

Fantastic Worlds v1 #5, 1952 - For both science fiction stories, Alex Toth uses graphically simple layouts to house panels that sometimes reveal too little information. An abundance of shadows and silhouettes reinforce this effect. It works well in establishing mood in some cases (first story, page seven), but seems lackluster on others (page one, panel one of same story). An online source credits Mike Peppe for inking both tales, but "Triumph Over Terror" seems distinctly different by comparison. The style is closer in resemblance to the work of Bernard Sachs, but regardless, both Toth efforts are less than stellar visually. Other artists in this issue include Murphy Anderson and George Roussos. This is number 1 of 2 Fantastic Worlds issues with Toth art and/or covers.
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"Triumph Over Terror"
Toth story pencils (John Celardo? inks) 8 pages = **
"The Invaders"
Toth story pencils (Mike Peppe inks) 7 pages = **

Fantastic Worlds v1 #5 standard comic book page art by Alex Toth
Alex Toth
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