Friday, April 4, 2014

Daredevil #184 - Frank Miller art & cover

Daredevil v1 #184 marvel comic book cover art by Frank Miller
Frank Miller
Daredevil v1 #184, 1982 - Matt Murdock defends an accused drug dealer, believing in his innocence. At the same time, his alter ego must protect his client from the Punisher. Frank Miller delivers a brilliantly designed and purposefully drawn story. A young boy, armed and determined, walks across a backdrop of a dark, impersonal buildings on page 16. A long spiraled phone cord reinforces the phone conversation on pages 7-8 (see interior page below). Miller continues to use new visual devices to enhance the storytelling. His gutsy cover pays an obvious homage to Clint Eastwood. This is number 26 of 33 Daredevil issues with Miller art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Miller or Daredevil issues. See also this blog's Frank Miller checklist.
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Miller cover pencils (Klaus Janson inks) = ***
"Good Guys Wear Red" Miller story pencils (Klaus Janson inks) 22 pages = ****

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Daredevil v1 #184 marvel comic book page art by Frank Miller
Frank Miller
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