Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dead of Night #11 / Scarecrow - Bernie Wrightson cover

Dead of Night v1 #11 - Bernie Wrightson marvel horror 1970s bronze age comic book cover art
Bernie Wrightson
Dead of Night v1 #11 featuring Scarecrow, 1975 - The Scarecrow makes his first appearance in the last issue of this Marvel horror title, previously a vehicle for Atlas reprints. Unlike DC's villainous counterpart, this character is one of several monster/heroes introduced during the bronze age. Bernie Wrightson inks over Gil Kane's pencils on the cover, but unfortunately doesn't meet expectations. His brushwork on the title character is impressive, but the rest of the layout is too lightly applied. Overall, his distinctive style only partially emerges. This is 1 of 1 Dead of Night issues with Wrightson art and/or covers.
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Wrightson cover inks (Gil Kane pencils) = **

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  1. Even by the more relaxed Bronze Age Comics Code standards this is a violent cover. A man is being strangled and his tongue is hanging out. The audacity alone should earn it an extra star or two. I enjoy seeing Wrightson inks over Kane.

  2. Looking at other Wrightson works, I agree. Two stars is probably more accurate.

  3. Great cover. All the right elements.

  4. Not every inker was compatible with every penciller, and vice versa, IMHO. This is a pretty fair example. I noticed Gil Kane's linework before reading the post. I'm wondering if this might have been more fairly called a Gil Kane cover? I'm thinking covers attributed to Kirby being inked by Vinnie Colletta or Gene Colan's covers inked by Tom Palmer as other examples.