Marvel Spotlight #5 - Mike Ploog art & cover

Marvel Spotlight v1 #5 Ghost Rider marvel comic book cover art by Mike Ploog
Mike Ploog
Marvel Spotlight v1 #5 on Ghost Rider, 1972 - The bronze age Ghost Rider bursts onto the scene, displacing his earlier western counterpart. Mike Ploog introduces the character with vigor, first on the blurb-heavy cover, then with his sacrilegious origin story. The artist's drawings are superb, enhancing the character's dark appeal. In one of the many highlights, a death-defying motorcycle stunt is captured in breathtaking sequence (see interior page below). Overall, the fluidity of Ploog's pencils are nicely maintained by inker Frank Chiaramonte. This story was later reprinted in Ghost Rider #10 and Original Ghost Rider #1. This is number 4 of 8 Marvel Spotlight issues with Ploog art and/or covers.
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Ploog cover pencils and inks = ***
"Origin of the Ghost Rider"
Ploog story pencils (Frank Chiaramonte inks) 22 pages = ****

Marvel Spotlight v1 #5 Ghost Rider marvel comic book page art by Mike Ploog
Mike Ploog
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