Phantom v2 #36 - Steve Ditko art

The Phantom v2 #36, 1970 - Accused of espionage, a geologist finds finds a temporary sanctuary in an ancient Egyptian temple. In this backup tale to the main Phantom feature, Steve Ditko turns a four pager into a splendid example of his late silver age work. His illustrations are skillful and precise. Even better are his layouts, which deftly emphasize the temple's scale and architecture (see interior page above). Ditko's final page is excellent, using broken panel shapes to heighten the story's destructive climax. Other artists in this issue include Jim Aparo. This is number 1 of 2 Phantom issues with Ditko art and/or covers.
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"The Promise Of Akra Shi" Ditko story pencils and inks 4 pages = ****

Steve Ditko
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