Planet of the Apes #4 - Mike Ploog art

Planet of the Apes v1 #4, 1975 - Escaping in a mutant spacecraft, the main characters encounter a town of apes and humans living like frontiersmen. Detailed, textural backgrounds fill the pages, adding depth and interest to each setting. Mike Ploog's loose, spontaneous drawings are expressive rather than realistic, with largely pleasing results. Curiously, although Frank Chiramonte is the credited inker, Jim Mooney takes over on page 16 and finishes the remaining pages. Other artists in this issue include George Tuska, Mike Esposito and Bob Larkin (cover).This is number 4 of 10 Planet of the Apes issues with Ploog art and/or covers.
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"A Riverboat Named Simian" Ploog story pencils (Frank Chiaramonte, Jim Mooney inks) 28 pages (black and white) = ***

Planet of the Apes v1 #4 curtis magazine page art by Mike Ploog
Mike Ploog
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