Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Detective Comics #472 - Marshall Rogers art & cover

Detective Comics v1 #472 dc comic book cover art by Marshall Rogers
Marshall Rogers
Detective Comics v1 #472 featuring Batman, 1977 - Hugo Strange pronounces himself the new Batman on the opening page. Marshall Rogers' graphically arresting style brings a fresh new perspective to the characters. The action scenes are dynamic, but even the more mundane scenes are elegantly designed. The confrontation between Bruce and girlfriend Silver St. Cloud is especially memorable (see interior page below). Rogers' cover is deceptively simple yet utterly compelling. This story was first reprinted in Shadow of the Batman #2. This is number 5 of 13 Detective Comics issues with Rogers art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Rogers or Detective Comics issues. See also this blog's Rogers checklist or Top 10 Rogers comics.
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Rogers cover pencils (Terry Austin inks) = ****
"The Batman Is Dead - Long Live The New Batman"
Rogers story pencils (Terry Austin inks) 14 pages = ***
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Detective Comics v1 #472 dc comic book page art by Marshall Rogers
Marshall Rogers
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