Thursday, June 27, 2013

Korak Son of Tarzan #9 - Russ Manning art

Korak Son of Tarzan v1 #9, 1965 - With Korak as their guide, a government prospecting safari searches for oil in the desert. Russ Manning's drawings are adequate, but are hampered by inadequate inking. Several panels lack definition and modeling, particularly on the figures. Still, the highlight of the issue is a large panel on page 6, revealing a long-buried city in the middle of the Sahara. This is number 9 of 12 Korak issues with Manning art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Manning or Korak Son of Tarzan issues. See also this blog's Manning checklist.
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"The Men from Underground" Manning story pencils and inks (Mike Royer partial inks) 24 pages = **
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Korak Son of Tarzan v1 #9 gold key silver age 1960s comic book page art by Russ Manning
Russ Manning
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