Sea Hunt #10 - Russ Manning art

Sea Hunt v1 #10, 1961 - In the opening tale, a wealthy and eccentric client hires Mike Nelson to teach skin diving aboard a recreational pirate ship. The unusual setting is a welcome change from previous issues, allowing Russ Manning the opportunity to draw more than the standard sea vessels. The artist's clarity of line and fluid layouts enhance both stories, but "Pirates' Holiday" stands out as the more enjoyable read. Like all the other issues in this series, a Lloyd Bridges photo cover ties the comic to the television series. This is number 6 of 8 Sea Hunt issues with Manning art and/or covers. 
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"Pirates' Holiday" Manning story pencils and inks 13 pages = ***
"Underwater Logging" Manning text illo pencils and inks 1 page = **

"Marked for Vengeance" Manning story pencils and inks 1o pages = ***

"The Four Senses" Manning inside back cover pencils and inks (black & white) = ***

Russ Manning

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  1. How nice that these books were ... designed by wonderful artists...

    I have one designed by the legendary Alex Toth, on a show with Walter Brennan...
    compliments for your blog.


  2. Sea Hunt was a TV show that I didn't miss when I was a youngster. Russ Manning is a fine artist, too!