Western Roundup #20 - Russ Manning art, mis-attributed Alex Toth art

Western Roundup v1 #20, 1957 - Saving the best for last, this Dell Giant finishes off with a Dale Evans story by Russ Manning. Just like the fable, a boy with a reputation for mischief runs afoul of real danger. Manning's polished lines give the drawings a sharpness that stands out from the rest of the book. His depictions of western-era interiors on certain pages (pgs 4, 5 and others) are utterly convincing. Another tale, "Tension in Tumbleweed", has been credited to Alex Toth in some comic guides, but other sources dispute this and I have to agree. Toth's work does appear in 2 other issues of Western Roundup. This is number 7 of 10 Western Roundup issues with Manning art and/or covers.
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"Cry Wolf" Manning story pencils and inks 10 pages = ***

Russ Manning
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  1. The Dale Evans page is a real beauty. Thank you for posting so much non-Tarzan/Magnus Manning art. He deserves a published retrospective of this material.