Monsters on the Prowl #9 - Barry Windsor Smith art, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby reprints, Kirby cover reprint

Monsters on the Prowl v1 #9, 1971 - Continued from the series Chamber of Darkness, this issue features a relatively early work by Barry Windsor Smith. The artist was primarily a penciller during the bronze age, making this tale of a domineering archeologist a rare inking job. While minimally competent, it unfortunately lacks any semblance of Smith's style. If not for the opening credits, his contribution would have been indistinguishable. This story was later reprinted in Giant-size Chillers v2 #3. On the positive side, the issue contains reprints from Tales to Astonish #12 (Jack Kirby) and Journey Into Mystery #78 (Kirby / Steve Ditko). This is number 1 of 1 Monsters on the Prowl issues with Smith art and/or covers.
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"Desert Scream" Barry Smith story inks (Jay Hawk pencils) 6 pages = *

Barry Windsor Smith
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