Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Star Slammers graphic novel - Walt Simonson art & cover

Star Slammers graphic novel, 1983 - Making their first appearance, the galaxy-hopping Star Slammers are among artist Walt Simonson's first creations. This lengthy graphic novel spans sixty pages, including two full page splashes. Simonson's artwork shines due to his innovative layouts and masterful pacing. On pages 49-54, a creative sequence of both large and small panels perfectly capture the scene's mood and tension. The artist does a more than admirable job with one of his longest stories to date. On the back cover, artwork is repeated from one of the inside panels. See today's posts or more Simonson issues. See also this blog's Walt Simonson checklist.
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Simonson cover pencils and inks = ***
Simonson story
pencils and inks 60 pages = ***
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