Witching Hour #8 - Neal Adams art & cover, Alex Toth art

Neal Adams
Witching Hour v1 #8, 1970 - Both horrific and humorous, Neal Adams' cover depicts a party of monsters held without the homeowner's consent. Inside, his contribution tells a story of a wealthy old man and his bargain for youth with the devil. Neal Adams' layouts are found wanting, with too many background details missing from several panels. His draftsmanship, however, is as keen as ever. This story was later reprinted in Deadman #4 and DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #17. Even more impressive are his handful of framing pages (see interior page below), which culminates in a stunning full-page pencil drawing. Alex Toth does his first complete story for the series, about a young couple's meeting through computer dating. Although panels become more crowded toward the end, the artist opens with a brilliant opening page, incorporating the computer punch card patterns into the page designs. This is number 3 of 8 Witching Hour issues with Adams art and/or covers and number 6 of 10 Witching Hour issues with Toth art and/or covers.
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Adams cover pencils and inks = ****
Adams pencils and inks 5 framing pages = ****
"Above and Beyond the Call of Duty" Adams story pencils and inks 6 pages = ***
"Computerr" Toth story pencils and inks 6 pages = ***

Alex Toth
Neal Adams
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